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"It's time to let voters decide the legitimacy issue." 

A Real Choice in Sequoia Hospital District Election
November 8, 2016

The results are in and they are not good.  Incumbents Kane and Griffin were re-elected.  An autopsy will be performed when the Final Statement of the Vote is issued later this month.
Failure to gain control of the Board of Directors limits my ability to engage other affected agencies in a dialogue addressing the "transitional" status of the Sequoia and Peninsula Healthcare Districts.  It is my intent to have these agencies join in a petition to LAFCo seeking an election to resolve the issue. The "status quo" is not an option.  The two districts must be consolidated and expanded to include all of San Mateo county, OR they must be dissolved.  As a practical matter, funding for the expansion area must come from a share of the existing 1% general property tax as it does for Sequoia and Peninsula.  That requires enabling legislation.

At a Roundtable meeting of the Little Hoover Commission in Sacramento on 16 November, 2016, I proposed legislation which would allow such an election.  Other participants (there were 17) in that Roundtable discussion included Sequoia Healthcare District CEO Lee Michelson and Board President Art Faro, along with representatives of Association of California Healthcare Districts(2), California Special Districts Association, Alameda LAFCo, Contra Costa LAFCo,  CalLAFCo, Assembly Local Government Committee, Senate Government and Finance Committee, Grossmont and Fallbrook HCD's, California Hospital Association(2), Medical Management Systems and District Hospital Leadership Forum.

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The Sequoia Hospital District(alias: Sequoia Healthcare District) is holding an Election for two seats on its five member Board of Directors, currently held by Katie Kane and Kim Grffin.

Main issue:  Legitimacy of District's continued operation 

Should the District continue to collect property taxes originally assessed to build, operate and maintain Sequoia Hospital, which it no longer owns?  Not without voter approval! The San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury questioned the District's use of these taxes for philanthropic purposes never intended by voters.

LAFCo gives Healthcare Districts’ a "transitional sphere of influence"

The Local Agency Formation Commission(LAFCo) oversees formation, consolidation and dissolution of special districts. On May 16, 2007, they adopted the following "sphere of influence" for SHD and PHD: "transitional sphere of influence with the potential for expansion to include excluded areas, dissolution and consolidation". 

The 2005 Civil Grand Jury said the Sequoia Healthcare District Board should explore the merging of the two agencies as well as the expansion of the districts to include all San Mateo County residents.

Healthcare Districts have a life of their own

Both the Sequoia Healthcare District and the Peninsula Healthcare District have avoided substantive public discourse on their "transitional" status    Their PR activities and constituency building grant programs are aimed at sustaining the districts in the face of critical challenges to their legitimacy.

Challengers offer voters a choice

With the entry of Harrison and Garcia, challengers to incumbents Kane and Griffin, voters will have an opportunity to elect two directors who, along with Director Jack Hickey, are committed to bringing the legitimacy issue to the voters.

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Harrison and Garcia for Director 2016  -  243 Ferndale Way  -   Emerald Hills, CA 94062
650-368-5722  Jack@xshcd.com

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