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John J. "Jack" Hickey

"It's time to let voters decide the legitimacy issue." 

A Real Choice in Sequoia Hospital District Election
November 6, 2018

Vote for Hickey, Harrison and Kiesel

  With control of the Board, we would have the power to suspend grants, slash overhead, and reduce or suspend collection of property taxes on an annual basis.  This would result in direct savings to property owners.  Such an action would bring stakeholders, with an interest in a share of the General 1% property tax, to the table.  This would lead to a dialogue addressing the transitional status of the Sequoia and Peninsula Healthcare Districts.  It is my intent to have these stakeholders join in a petition to LAFCo seeking an election to resolve the issue created when these hospital districts sold their hospitals, yet continued to collect taxes. The "status quo" is not an option.  Voters must decide whether the two districts should be: 
1.  dissolved; or,
2.  consolidated and expanded to include all of San Mateo county
    If dissolution is the voter's choice, the dissolved districts taxes and assets would be distributed to the surviving agencies within their Tax Rate Areas.  (Art Faro has repeatedly intimated that the state would get a large share of the tax revenue.  That’s utter nonsense!  The taxes would stay local.)
As a practical matter, funding for a countywide expansion(if called for by voters) must come from a share of the existing 1% general property tax as it currently does for Sequoia and Peninsula.  That is, NO NEW TAXES!  That requires enabling legislation. 
    Voters must decide whether Healthcare Districts are so important that they deserve dedicated funding from a share of the 1% General Property Tax.


Prop. 13 and Healthcare Districts

Election by Zones begins this election

Here is the lineup of candidates for the 3 Zones:

Zone A - Incumbent Faro and Michael Garb(two peas in a pod) vs Art Kiesel.
Zone C Jack Hickey vs Aaron Nayack 
Zone E (Jerrymandered) Incumbent Jerry Shefren vs Harland Harrison. Harland also ran in 2002 and 2016.

Candidate statements can be found here

 SHD Zone Map

Almanac Town Square Forum topics regarding transition from at-large to by-zone election.

                                 Historical Information                                                                     

Main issue:  Legitimacy of District's continued operation 

Should the District continue to collect property taxes originally assessed to build, operate and maintain Sequoia Hospital, which it no longer owns?  Not without voter approval! 
The 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 San Mateo County Civil Grand Juries questioned the District's use of these taxes for philanthropic purposes never intended by voters. 
The 2004-2005 Civil Grand Jury said the Sequoia Healthcare District Board should:  "Immediately pursue with the Peninsula Healthcare District the merging of the two agencies, via a joint powers agreement or reorganization, structured to serve the healthcare needs of the entire County." 

LAFCo gives Healthcare Districts’ a "transitional sphere of influence"

The Local Agency Formation Commission(LAFCo) oversees formation, consolidation and dissolution of special districts. On May 16, 2007, they adopted the following "sphere of influence" for SHD and PHD: "transitional sphere of influence with the potential for expansion to include excluded areas, dissolution and consolidation". This determination was reaffirmed on September 20, 2017.


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